Mortality in your face


Elderly Driver
How old do you think she feels?
Reality check

If I am lucky this will be me someday. Driving my car with a silver beard and a bald head. I think I will finally get those extra big glasses that cover most of your face. Hopefully I’ll be driving something I’ve always wanted like a Corvette Stingray, if I can drive at all, my vision might be pretty bad by then. What do people think about when they are this advanced in age? When they know they don’t have another forty years ahead of them? I’m pretty uncomfortable with my mortality. The great unknown of Death. It creeps me out.


12 thoughts on “Mortality in your face

      • That’s true, but you are right, there really is something to be aid for patiently waiting for a scene to unfold in front of you. That’s a good lesson for me to remember, because I have a tendency to rush through an area instead of hanging back and soaking it all in. Thanks for reading and commenting!


      • I too like to point and shoot. I’m about ready to upload a photo that I took at an antique festival. It was a pair of objects that I had a chance to focus and frame correctly. Each time I moved it gave me a different perspective. I guess in this case it was a combination of looking and waiting until I found something that was suitable.


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