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The 80’s are back
Did they ever really leave?
Z. Cavaricci?

I remember those days. The tight rolled jeans and crazy Aqua Net hair-do’s that my sisters would wear. I had big dorky glasses by necessity and always thought of them as the worst things that could have ever existed. Apparently this is a fad now. Hot chics in geeky glasses.

I don’t want to create that whole People of Walmart vibe with my photography. I’m not out to make anyone look bad or to make fun of their choice in style. I hate how modern society has a category for everybody. Hipsters, jocks, rednecks, nerds, gamers, fanboys, stoners. Enough already.

Do we have to keep on pretending like life is high school and any of it really matters? I’m fed up with how cynical the majority of people seem to be of everything and everybody if it doesn’t fall into their personal standards. I was a nerd, but not by choice. I was labeled as a geek when it wasn’t cool to be one. I was treated like crap in a million different ways that need no explanation, because you’ve heard it all a thousand times.

Bottom line is I hate sub-genres. Humans are humans. Music is music. Love is love. Why do we have to complicate matters.

Recently I lost my VW Bus which was a cherished possession. As a result of this I am looking for a bicycle to get me around town. I found some fixed gear bikes that are right in my price range, so I have been researching them. In the forums I ran into all these hateful remarks from people lamenting the popularity of fixed gear bikes among what they perceive to be hipsters. Why do these people care about a strangers choice regarding the bicycle they ride?

I caught myself worrying about being labeled for my bike choice, but then I remembered that I am just as insignificant as everyone else in this insignificant world and being called a hipster is the least of my worries. I’m more concerned with having fun and experiencing life before death comes knocking. When do we truly realize how precious our lives really are?


8 thoughts on “Denver Street Photography | Trendsetters

  1. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    I was the thick glasses intellectual geek who was so skinny that everyone thought I was anorexic and starving.

    People never get over labels and the ridiculous way they treat people according to their appearance, speech and dress (or job/size of their salary). My last job (of 16 1/2 years duration) was one of the worst of these environments. Now 3 years later, I pretend that all those years (& job) never existed and I just get on with living life the best I can.

    People don’t really change……until they have a near death, or life changing experience……or quite simply acknowledge the uniqueness of every individual and feel proud of their differences. (or say simply say @#ck the world, I’m gonna be Me and proud of standing out from the crowd).

    It’s really important that you get over the past and start acknowledging what a wonderful person you are, how beautiful your family is…… and walk with your head held high (on the bike of your choice).

    (Sorry Jeremy, I think I might be lecturing again, but at the ripe old age of 59 1/2 I’m proud of being who I am and feel immensely thankful for the gifts I’ve been given in retirement – the freedom to finally express my creativity & imagination in the way I always wanted).


    • I don’t feel like you’re lecturing me! I welcome the feedback, the advice, and the kind words. Thanks for reading and commenting. I recently decided to just write whatever I’m feeling and just put it out there. Venturing out of my comfort zone.


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