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jnix_1_1 by TheJeremyNix
jnix_1_1, a photo by TheJeremyNix on Flickr.

When we lived in Evergreen our neighbors got a new puppy. They named her Lily. Lily would come and play with our dog daily. When Mister Bo went missing, Lily would come around the house everyday obviously searching for our lost dog. As time went on, Lily continued to come by more and more often. She was a daily fixture on our porch, and to be honest, I didn’t mind the company. In the midst of the crazy things I have to do as a stay at home parent there are indeed plenty of carefree moments as well. My daughter and I used to take long, meandering walks down this hill and into the meadow below. On this day, Lily heard us coming and sprinted up to join us. A great memory.

Taken with a Pentax MG, the back door of the camera is off kilter.

Taken with a Pentax MG, the back door of the camera is off kilter.

In my exploration of everything photographic, I have discovered that there are digital filters that do their best to recreate camera errors. I’ve used them on the Hipstamatic app, Color Efex Pro, and several other Lightroom 4 presets. I am an admirer of all things old, vintage, and retro, and I do like the look of an image that seems to have been created with equal parts of skill and luck. The happy accidents. As a creative I am always extremely unsure of myself. I know what I like, but does anyone else really like it? I wrestle with those thoughts all the time. I still can’t help sharing the images though. There are times where I will submit an image to a social group on the internet that doesn’t really garner much attention, and I take it personally. I go out and I try to push the envelope just a little further when that happens. I know that I am still not there, but I want to be.

Posting to this blog everyday has become a challenge. I enjoy it immensely, but it can be a lot of work! I need the practice anyway. I don’t have a shortage of images to share or thoughts running through my head. When the pain flares up it is hard to concentrate, so it takes a little more effort to concentrate on this blog. This too shall pass.

My daughter is having an all-girls campout with her mom and some friends this weekend. The house is quiet. This is probably only the second time that my daughter will sleep somewhere that I’m not right there. I have been accused of being an overprotective father and I suppose that description is accurate. I admit it. I love her, and I watch the news. Any parent that loves their child must always have that little seed of worry when they are not in a position to protect their child from harm. I think it must be biological, but I’m no Scientist so don’t take it from me.

I’m rambling. The point is I love this picture. I love it for personal reasons, and I can’t say for sure if I think this was a “happy” accident or not. Regardless, it is all part of my grand experimentation with photography. My goal is to just try everything until I find something that I absolutely fall in love with. I’m sure eventually I will have to reign it in and narrow my focus, you know, find my niche. Until then, I will happily continue snapping away. Milking that cow in search of something great.  This image is an example of the depths of my exploration. Now I know what actual light leak looks like, not just a button I pushed in Lightroom, but an actual mistake. I loaded the film, I advanced it, I snapped the shutter and held the camera in just the right way for this weird anomaly to occur.  I really do like filters and presets and those fun little effects in photo editing software, but I still believe that nothing beats the original.


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