Doors | East Colfax

the things we don’t see
i like the alley better
world within a world

Sometimes I don’t like my Haiku, but I don’t have all night. School starts tomorrow for my daughter and I both. Things are about to get a little more hectic around here. I had to take 5 courses this semester so I can finish my Associates and transfer to another school to chase my Bachelor’s.

Halfway there. It hasn’t been easy. I had to take remedial math courses which slowed down my progress enough to force me to have to stay an extra semester over the 2 year limit. I’m proud to say that I have finally successfully passed all my math requirements. 4 classes later. I basically had to re-learn math from middle-school level on up Anyway. I hated it, and it was hard, but it’s over now. Moving on.

The thing I do to unwind and get away from it all is to grab the camera and roam the streets. I find little treasures like this all the time. I’d like to say that I am a huge fan of the artists who are displaying interesting and thought provoking images for people like me to enjoy. If any of you artists out there see your work on this blog, send me an email and I’ll send you a print. That might be a shot in the dark, but you never know who might be reading your blog.

Tomorrow I begin my last semester at Red Rocks Community College, my daughter will go to her first day of preschool in which Maizy (Penny’s mom) and I get to attend. A proper getting to know you session. Anyone who has ever gone to college and stuck with it knows that once those first classes get going the floodgates are open and you are on a deadline. It makes me anxious just writing about it. My advice for the youth of today would be to go to college and get it out of the way BEFORE you have children and get married. Trust me on this.

I’m taking a photojournalism course, so if any of you fellow photographers out there have any cool ideas that I haven’t thought of yet for a portfolio, feel free to drop me a line or comment on this post. (Yeah right, like any photographer is just going to GIVE me a great idea. Don’t you realize how many of us are out there? Think of your own ideas JERK!)

This isn’t a style I would normally post in, but I want to just write for some reason. Normally, I would try to keep it as short and concise as possible, because after the first few seconds they are gone anyway.

Yesterday I took a photo walk through Downtown, and it just seemed as if everyone was obliterated on alcohol. It was a prime opportunity to take some pictures of people who were clearly at their worst. I had the thought that the bartender’s must be over-serving these people or something. Hundreds of people were stumbling around the streets and behaving the way drunk people do: loud, obnoxious, opinionated, and overly promiscuous. It was just an unusually large amount of people bombed out of their minds. The whole thing just didn’t feel right. I didn’t want to get closer to these people. I wanted to run the other way screaming. So as street photography goes, the day was a bust for me. I just wasn’t feeling it.

I apologize in advance for this post. I hope you at least enjoyed the image.


Doors | East Colfax


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