Late Night Ramble

Today I had my first day of a class centered around internet media. I found myself instantly wanting to compete with my fellow classmates once I saw some of their awesome blogs. I kicked myself for that knee-jerk reaction.

It was a realization that I am still trying to overcome years of parenting and conditioning to strive for the top. When is it enough? How many followers do I need to find happiness? How much validation do I need to feel like I am worthwhile?

When do I truly buy into the notion that collaboration and cooperation are more beneficial to me then stepping on the throat of the guy (or girl) who is in my way on my climb to the top? I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that I had an instant reaction and motivation to try even harder and get even better because my emotions got the better of me. The saying that “success breeds contempt” has never been more obvious to me than it was today.

To all of you who read the blog. Thank you. I am your biggest fan. I love you all for what you do, for sharing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and creative inspirations. I love you because you make me feel human and you give me food for thought on a daily basis. I hope you will continue to read this blog and that we all get to know each other just a little bit better.

A life alone is a struggle. I feel like too many of us just put our blinders on and focus on reaching the top and being the best no matter what it takes or who gets in the way. I don’t think the world HAS to be like that, but it still doesn’t change the fact that is IS like that.

Through the people who follow this blog I have found others who share these sentiments. The world may never be a better place, but at least we can hope for it and promote it and never give up trying to bring about the change we want to see.

They say a photographer’s images are in essence a self portrait of the photographer himself. I like that notion. The fact that maybe as a photographer I am subconsciously attracted to things that convey how I feel as a person in the world or what mood I am in. Tonight I feel hopeful and optimistic, and I see that in this image.


Late Night Ramble


7 thoughts on “Late Night Ramble

  1. I like your thoughts. I found that when I gave up seeking approval / trying to be good enough and concentrated on just being who I was made to be – being my authentic self I guess…regardless of what anyone else thinks – that all those other things just came.


  2. Great post. Yes, seeking approval is hard to give up. I’m not sure if blogging will help you in that respect, because you can get addicted to watching your stats and counting likes. But it also helps you to formulate your thoughts and determine where you stand in life. So good luck! And thanks for following my blog.


  3. I so often feel that way when I see other blogs (and I’m not even taking a class!). I think – how in the world could I possibly compare with them? Then my blog seems so piddly. But you know what? I enjoy it. And I’ve connected with some fabulous people through it. And it makes me happy — and that’s why I do it.

    I hope you’re having fun with your blog, because that’s what really matters.


  4. Best of luck with it. For what it’s worth I think your kind of blog is much better than those slick, fancy kinds because yours comes from the heart and that makes it a much better read.


  5. montserrat.sobral says:

    I guess all depends on what success means to you. To me, it was getting to the point I thought “yes, I am going to create a blog with my pictures, they can be worth enough for sharing”. They are just an instant but they mean a lot to me. I guess they are like children in some way, you love them no matter what other people may think about them but that´s also why I wanted to protect them…
    There will always be better photographer/bloggers than us, but what makes us unique is the way we shot a moment and I personally can´t stop doing it. Enjoy!


  6. You have to start somewhere man. Comparing yourself to others will only make you unhappy. You’re blog looks great and you have a lot of really cool images. I really want that guy’s dino shirt. It’s like hipster flypaper. I could cover it in glue, leave it in the middle of San Francisco next to a case of PBR one morning, then comeback at the end of the day and to find a dozen or so mustachio’d, sockless baristas tangled together talking about the influence of Nietzsche on the Ninja Turtles. I’m no expert, but my theory is to stand out a bit amongst the diffusion of content on the web it takes consistency, authenticity, and quality. Good luck to all of us.


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