People in Cars

I have an on going “project” capturing images of people from the passenger seat of any car I am riding in. The truth of the matter is I am just obsessed with photography and am finding it increasingly difficult to put the camera down and shut off my photographic mind. The automobile is such a huge part of our everyday lives, and it just seems like a shame not to capture some of that experience for future generations that will wonder what it was like when cars that ran on oil and gas clogged up the roadways.


People in Cars


19 thoughts on “People in Cars

  1. You’ve made me smile about not being able to put the camera down and your mind always in photo mode. I’m like that, only extremely frustrated because I work from home, and live out in the country, so don’t get a lot of people shots. Have you seen the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop? The first few minutes are just about this.


  2. pi314chron says:

    I suppose we can’t be certain that there will even BE “future generations,” but I, for one, admire you for doing what you do. Your work may well chronicle the beginning of the end, but it just may tell the story of the beginning of the beginning. Either way, you are freezing the world at a moment in time…a time in which we are racing headlong into an uncertain future. I will continue to follow you and your blog for as long as we both have life and breath.

    Be Good To You!



  3. I’ve got a bit obsessive about photography as well, but I’m always a bit concerned that we’ll be stopped at the lights and someone will get out of their car and punch me 🙂


    • I have a lot of images of people in cars and I can only think of one person that ever seemed really angry that I had my camera pointing in their direction. One time a lady in the front seat flipped me off, while the girl in the back seat smiled and waved. I found that so interesting, that two people riding in the same vehicle could have such opposite reactions. Restores my faith in humanity.


      • 2812 photography says:

        Pessimistic, maybe. I think it’s tough to say and mostly depends on just how much time you have to devote to doing the project. That said, if it does take years, it’s worth it. It sounds like the kind of project that you could analogize with good wine.


      • Yes, I just read up on the laws–at least here in the U.S. If you take a candid shot of someone without a release, you can publish it and show it, but you cannot make money from it, although I’m sure some do and take their chances. I am getting more and more into candid shots myself.

        With a general release–meaning they give you permission to take the shot and do whatever you want with it–you can def sell that, and pay the person for their time if you want to.


    • The funny thing I remember about this moment, is that I was actually shooting a picture of the abandoned super market site in the background. It used to be a bustling hub of activity and now it is old and run down, aging before my eyes. I’m intrigued by it. The lady in the car rolled into my shot and I just kept my face in the camera and continued to shoot. It makes me smile thinking about it now. This is what I love about photography. I get to remember my memories a little clearer.


  4. It is a cool shot and a cool obsession. I do worry a bit for you though. There are paranoid people out there who get their panties in a horrible knot about some stranger pointing a camera at them. Be on your toes!


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