The Denver Voice

The Denver Voice is a monthly publication centered around the stories of the homeless community in Denver, these stories help put a face to the ongoing problem of homelessness in our city.

The vendors have to participate in an orientation, where they receive a vendor ID badge, and are given the rules which basically state that they are not to distribute the paper while intoxicated, there is no fighting over turf, and they are instructed to present themselves in a positive manner. These vendors are given their first ten papers for free, and the profits are theirs to keep, after the initial free offering the vendors are then charged fifty cents for every additional paper they buy, the rest of the money is theirs. The Voice’s mission statement:

“To facilitate a dialogue addressing the roots of homelessness by telling stories of people whose lives are impacted by poverty and homelessness and to offer economic, educational and empowerment opportunities for the impoverished community.”

I admire these men and women who take the time and effort to sell this newspaper and do something positive for themselves. they are some of the friendliest people I have ever met on the streets, and they have many wonderful stories to tell. The Denver Voice comes out once a month, so next time your walking the mall in Denver, pick one up and give a helping hand.

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The Denver Voice