Cruising Route 40

cruising Route 40
arms on fire, golden wings
eyeballs and goggles


Cruising Route 40


I Can’t Believe The Things That You Say

Overheard on the light rail:

“I told that bitch I wasn’t flirting with her. She looked like a damn bird. I should of gave her some birdseed and put her in a cage. She was so fucking ugly. Then she called me fat, and I was like really? You don’t think I know already. I mean I take a shower everyday and I see my body. I mean c’mon man. I’ll straight up tell you dog, I weigh 258 pounds! Now what chu gotta say. Damn bird nose bitch!”

Wow. The Ubuntu is not flowing out of this kid. He was with a friend. I wonder if I should have said something? If I do though I better get ready for a fight and is it really worth it to get stabbed or beaten or shot for coming to the defense of a stranger? All I would have to say is,”hey man there’s ladies present” but obviously I already know their regard for women. I guess that’s why the world doesn’t change. We don’t speak up when we should. We ignore the ugly thing that is happening right in front of our face, put our head down and go on about living out lives. I feel guilty for letting it go. I am a part of the problem and that is a tough realization.

Note: The people depicted in the photo are not the actual conversation participants.