Cherry Creek Bruins vs. Smoky Hill Buffaloes


I suppose my blog life and my real life will intersect ever now and then, especially if I am going to keep blogging on a daily basis. I am a Journalism student, and I shot this football game for my Photojournalism class. It was really frustrating with old manual focus lenses. It was a fun attempt, and I loved being on the sidelines to at least try and pretend to be a sports photographer for an evening. It was cold, we endured some rain, and then the sun came out for a while. Typical Colorado weather. It’s no Sports Illustrated, but it is the best I could create with the equipment that I had on hand. I would love to take another stab at this with a killer lens, but I just don’t have thousands (or even hundreds) to plunk down on a lens just now.


5 thoughts on “Cherry Creek Bruins vs. Smoky Hill Buffaloes

  1. Hey Jeremy… Good stuff here man! I was glad to see this post about High School football because funny enough I just had a chat with my dad a few hours ago and he said him and his girlfriend attended a High School football game in California yesterday and he said he had a great time. It was the first time he said he had gone to one in at least 15 years and was thrilled by the energy level and how well the kids played. I love your shots and your angles too man. You captured the action in a great way. Keep up the good work, I’ll be checking in again soon! Best!.. Jason


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