The Longest Street in America

Untitled by TheJeremyNix
Untitled, a photo by TheJeremyNix on Flickr.

sitting on concrete
the 15 will be here soon
whisked him away


4 thoughts on “The Longest Street in America

  1. pi314chron says:

    Jeremy, I love the way you have inserted yourself in the man’s life and share it with him. In line one you see him (present tense) sitting on the concrete curb. In line two, it is as if you sit down beside him and one of you says, “The 15 will be here soon.” (Future tense) Finally the man is whisked away (past tense), leaving you behind but still thinking how for a short moment in time your two lives came together where the present, past, and future intersected. Yes, I know all of that wasn’t going through our mind when you took the photograph, but that is part of the magic of photography — Even after the photograph has been taken, others can think their private thoughts about what all of this means and be powerfully affected by your art.



    • pi314chron says:

      I’m sorry for the typo. 4th line from the end should read, ” Yes, I know all of that wasn’t going through your mind…etc” instead of “…our mind…etc.” Doggone old fingers! ** 🙂 **


      • My ring finger on my left hand is permanently broken. It juts up at a 45 degree angle to the first knuckle and has been stuck in that position for years. It causes me all kinds of problems when typing. So typos don’t bother me! It is so easy to take fingers for granted, until you lose one.


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