Stream of Thought


skateboard behind me
plays its tune on sidewalk cracks
hot sun burns my back

Is it wrong to slip in a random post with not much of a point? I guess I’m about to find out. I just want to write something down so I don’t freak out.

This haiku was written while sitting downtown amongst the zombie party. Denver’s downtown district has a lot to soak in. Wonderful public art installations, an amazingly talented street art scene, a myriad of strange individuals with various unconfirmed mental disorders, gang members, street vendors, business men and woman, and people of all sizes, race, and creed. I frequent the area solely for the purpose of photographing it. Denver is a boom town again. Our population has increased over 140% in the last year alone.

How is it effecting us? That brown cloud that hangs over the city in the mornings would indicate that it isn’t all that great for the air we breathe. It’s also forcing the city to think about where to put the homeless people that are a major presence in the area. It’s a beautiful place with a rich history, but the rapid change is turning it into something I don’t quite recognize as home anymore.

I feel like more of an outsider looking in these days. That’s okay because I don’t have to stay too much longer. I have about 2 years to document this city before I take my family on the road to explore the parts of America we haven’t experienced yet. I don’t know where we will end up or what will become of us, but we know we can’t stay here.