Denver Street Photography | 16th Street

elderly people
long shadows and bad lighting
unwilling subject

The haiku sums up the way I feel right now. BLAH. Uninspired and unsure of myself, lacking the self confidence to just own the work I create. Tired of apologizing, frustrated with the process.


Denver Street Photography | 16th Street


My World

I just want to write. I can’t sleep.
I shared this picture so you can see what amuses me.
I’m amused by myself
the people you see
are a reflection of me.
What scares me
What intrigues me
what makes me sick
what makes me smile
the clothes people wear
and the looks they give me.

I’m tired
I worry
I dwell

I can’t change the world
I’m not intelligent enough
but I know it needs changing

the power elite
the feeling of being controlled
yet somehow not having the power to overcome it
the control

mindless games
weekly contests of strength and agility
they distract me from the obvious
from the things that are difficult to contemplate
from the problems that need solving

I feel the need to apologize for what I write
nearly every time I write
I feel like my writing should be good
but I know its crap

If it was good writing,
I would have just said “shit” instead of “crap”
what’s honest about covering up a swear word
with the watered down version of a swear word

that isn’t writing,
that’s bullshit.

It’s a wonder we are not all insane
or are we?

struggling for power
we’ll never stop
war will always be reality
things that don’t make sense
that we just can’t explain

I want to believe in change
that every little bit helps
but the truth is
I know better

so I shrug my shoulders
I drive my SUV
I ride my bike

I dream of a better life for myself
and I strive for that

I know there are people suffering
all over the world
right now

what am I supposed to do about it?

This is what happens
when you think too much
or is it not enough?

I don’t know. I’m no Einstein.


My World


Mile Haiku

heavy foot falling

vibrating through the rafters

close proximity