Denver Street Photography | 16th Street

elderly people
long shadows and bad lighting
unwilling subject

The haiku sums up the way I feel right now. BLAH. Uninspired and unsure of myself, lacking the self confidence to just own the work I create. Tired of apologizing, frustrated with the process.


Denver Street Photography | 16th Street


8 thoughts on “Denver Street Photography | 16th Street

  1. I think all artists feel that … whether it’s photographers, painters, writers, musicians… we all struggle with mountains of self-doubt. And, it’s tough to reach that point where the confidence outweighs the doubt, though, I don’t think the doubt ever goes away … and, in some ways that is good… it’s the doubt that keeps us pushing, keeps us going, keeps us searching.

    For what it’s worth, I think your street photography is great! And, living in the same city, it has given me a wonderful glimps at a place I’ve lived my entire life.


    • Thanks John! “For what it’s worth:” It’s worth a lot my friend! I appreciate the encouragement. these comments make me feel connected, like I have back-up, they make me feel legitimate. Thank you for checking out my work.


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