Activity: Taking Public Transportation

Every Tuesday I jump on my bike and head down to the Light Rail Station, for a 30 mile trek across Denver to attend a Photojournalism class. I suspect the gentleman in the center of the frame might be an everyday rider.


Denver Street Photography | Tuesday Commute


6 thoughts on “Denver Street Photography | Tuesday Commute

  1. That big one on the top left does it for me… simple and sound… wishing you good luck and inspiration… show the good ones… tear up the ones that didn’t quite work. Don’t scream, don’t shout… take it easy and keep on the look out for the things that reflect what you feel in your heart. Sometimes it’s just a matter of recognizing good luck when it comes.


    • I would also like to add that your blog is outstanding. I love the title and the minimalist theme. Your latest post was wonderful and well written and full of great insight. I will be looking forward to reading more of it in the near future. (just as soon as I get this latest exam finshed.) There is never enough time.


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