Denver Street Photography

Analyzing Friends
who would treat a friend like this?
master and servant

Something about this scene just bugs me. I don’t understand why the girl is making the other girl tie her shoe, and I don’t understand why the other girl is actually doing it. The two girls tried to get on the lightrail, but exited upon seeing the fare checker on board. Right after they exited the train, this was the scene that unfolded. I imagine an inconsiderate person, too lazy to tie her own shoe, willing to stick the dirty sole of her shoe all over her friends jeans and let her kneel before her to do the deed. I could be totally off base here. Maybe the girl has a back condition, maybe they are sisters, maybe I’m right and she really is a piece of work, I don’t know. I’m bothered by it. I don’t like seeing other people being taken advantage of. It is as simple as that.


Denver Street Photography


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