Being on Stage

I hate using the self checkout while impatient people glare at you from the line. I felt a bad vibe, so I hit my remote shutter release that was in my pocket. I had lost my credit card and was rifling through my pockets, frantically trying to find it. I think it was annoying this guy.


Being on Stage


10 thoughts on “Being on Stage

  1. Great capture of the moment! I hate self checkout lanes, too…but most of all because I feel that this is one more way of automating our lives and for companies to scrimp on employee wages while the country flounders with unemployment.


  2. Add me to the “I hate self-checkout lines” crowd. I am not a stupid person. I’d rather use an ATM for banking than ever step into a bank, but when I have tried to use the self-checkout I feel like the biggest loser ever. I feel like I’m getting yelled at by the disembodied voice (which is too loud for my tastes), stuff doesn’t scan properly, the switches and slots are not well marked, and I almost always wind up having to get help from the “assistant” standing there to help people like me.

    And, yeah, that part about trying to minimize staffing at a time when every job is precious really rankles me as well.

    Great photo though!


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