Color Street Photography

I couldn’t resist sharing this image, because everytime I looked at it this evening I couldn’t stop smiling. It exemplifies what I love about photography, the participation in the moment by snapping the shutter. I have been looking at my images tonight lamenting the fact that I do not have a lot of these people’s names and email addresses. I want them to see themselves. I didn’t touch this image in post processing, and I left it in color because they are such a colorful bunch.


Color Street Photography


6 thoughts on “Color Street Photography

  1. The first thing I noticed was that you actually found some people who smiled instead of glared! Maybe YOU were smiling behind the lens? I have been noticing lately that complete strangers look my way and smile. This seems to happen even more often since I retired. I am still walking on the moon over my freedom, so either people are smiling at me because I’ve got a forest growing between my teeth, or they are responding to the unabashed joy that I can’t seem to contain.


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