We idolize you
Unsatisfied with our lives
Mesmerized by fame

The “IDOLS” project will be a collection of images that take a look at what celebrity worship looks like in physical form. The people we idolize, who we identify with, the celebrities that we love and adore. Why do we care so much? Why are we so emotionally invested in movie stars, football players and musicians? Why do we always have to be entertained? My goal is to produce images that show the prevalence of these figures in our everyday lives. We’ll see if it goes anywhere.

I’m flustered lately. Having a hard time concentrating. The ebb and flow of creativity. Long on ideas, but short on motivation.




13 thoughts on “ICONS

      • You are not crazy. You are an artist. And artists are NOT crazy. If anything an artist is probably the most uncrazy person in the world. We see a beauty that many others do not see and we appreciate it and introduce it in some way to the world. We see colors that are hidden and light and love that may not be seen by others.

        Actually, everyone is an artist – in their own special and unique way. 😉


  1. Motivation’s always a tough commodity to come by; it’s why I’ve found my best success in times when I set artificial deadlines, requirements and quotas for my work when I wasn’t faced with actual ones. Makes me keep working, which is what creates opportunities and moments for so-called Inspiration, rather than the revers process. Productivity leads to creativity, rather than creativity leading to productivity, in my experience. And the successful increase in both output and quality that can result (though it’s not guaranteed to do so) makes the whole process more fun and desirable; when the process itself is pleasing, it’s less essential that the end product be perfect, or even, sometimes, that I get to an end product. My three cents’ worth! In any case, I like the concept of your project!


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