New Year’s Resolution: Shoot more film.

It’s 2 in the morning. I always say to myself: “go to bed by 2, because that is when the bars close, and you used to close bars all the time.” I don’t actually say it out loud though. My inner voice and I are becoming well acquainted, I need to speak out loud more often.

I’m not real big on resolutions, I believe that talking about doing something and actually doing it are two different things. Like quitting smoking for instance. I always see people who will try to quit smoking make a big deal out of it. They tell all their friends about their intentions, they keep constant track of how long it’s been since their last smoke. I get that these people are seeking out support from their peers, and I support anyone who is trying to quit anything

I believe that by talking about it and making it such a big deal you are actually depriving yourself of reaching your goal. You have to put it out of your mind completely. You have to let go. Thinking about how long it’s been since you last inhaled is not going to help you quit smoking. That is my indirect advice to all my friends who want to give up cigarettes or anything else they resolve to get rid of in the coming new year.

I used to smoke a pack of Camel Lights a day, and I drank so much beer that I think my body literally just can’t take another drop of it. When I found out Maizy was pregnant with Penny we were both smokers. I quit because she had to quit. After a long period of not smoking at all, I bummed one off somebody and it made my skin turn green and I felt sick for hours afterwards. That was it. I was cured of my addiction to smoking.

I feel like my body just naturally told me it was time to give all that up. All my vices were just making me feel sick. I hope that those of you who are into self improvement and resolutions are able to reach your goals in the coming new year.

I like to keep mine simple so it’s easy to overachieve. Take better pictures, write better stories, create better projects, be a better father, be a better partner, a better friend. Volunteer more.

Feed my daughter less Chicken McNuggets.



Denver Street Art

I think what draws me to street art, or graffiti, or just anything thrown up on a wall in general is the fact that I always wanted to do something like that. I loved to draww as a kid, and that has followed me throughout my life as well. I just never had the determination to make anything out of art. As a kid, I actually even sold a charcoal drawing of a cocker spaniel to a math teacher in middle school who just happened to love those dogs. You would think that would encourage me to believe that my art was good enough to make a living on, but it didn’t. I have always struggled with self-doubt. I basically gave up on drawing and painting because I knew deep down in my heart that my stuff would never quite be up to snuff. I still draw with my daughter, and if there is a writing utensil and a scrap of paper around you can be sure that I’ll be doodling on it. I appreciate Denver’s Street Art scene because I know the skill and dedication it takes to create something like that. I literally have thousands of images of the street art around town. I just don’t know what to do with it all. there is already a photographer out there archiving it all. I feel like I am just repeating his work. If anything it seems as if these images will serve as memories of the wonderful times I had exploring Denver’s crazy good street art subculture.