Denver Street Art

I think what draws me to street art, or graffiti, or just anything thrown up on a wall in general is the fact that I always wanted to do something like that. I loved to draww as a kid, and that has followed me throughout my life as well. I just never had the determination to make anything out of art. As a kid, I actually even sold a charcoal drawing of a cocker spaniel to a math teacher in middle school who just happened to love those dogs. You would think that would encourage me to believe that my art was good enough to make a living on, but it didn’t. I have always struggled with self-doubt. I basically gave up on drawing and painting because I knew deep down in my heart that my stuff would never quite be up to snuff. I still draw with my daughter, and if there is a writing utensil and a scrap of paper around you can be sure that I’ll be doodling on it. I appreciate Denver’s Street Art scene because I know the skill and dedication it takes to create something like that. I literally have thousands of images of the street art around town. I just don’t know what to do with it all. there is already a photographer out there archiving it all. I feel like I am just repeating his work. If anything it seems as if these images will serve as memories of the wonderful times I had exploring Denver’s crazy good street art subculture.


3 thoughts on “Denver Street Art

  1. Use your photos as your journal, your diary. It’s the reason Kat and I first created our blog, and then the blog became incentive for more activity. So it’s like a circle, one keeps the other going – a reason for doing it. We had so many photos, and what to do with them all…. so now there’s a why. And, for you, who knows. You might take up the art – it’s never too late. I was 59 with my first painting, ever, and they’re not too bad. Best to you – please keep those photos coming. I love street art – there’s a reality to it that draws me in. ~SueBee


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