Marijuana For Everyone


Tomorrow is the first day of legalized, over the counter, marijuana sales. No prescription needed. I’ll be there to witness this historic day in our nation’s history. We are all deviants and I’m curious to see the characters in this crowd. I’ll be there to capture it, I have no idea what to expect. I’m imagining a large turnout though. We’ll see!

Writing about weed is weird for me. It has always been something that I preferred to keep to myself, and even now it doesn’t seem right to admit to it.

I still fear the Federal government. I worry about being passed over for employment for being an admitted pot user. It still carries a negative stigma with the conservative crowd who looks down on those of us who use mind altering substances.

It is my goal to be able to do the journalism thing freelance, so I should be able to talk about smoking marijuana with a guilt free conscience, but I came up during Reagan’s DARE campaign and actually participated in a joint operation with the DEA in California during my time in the Marines. So I’ve experienced it from both sides. I’ve followed intricate PVC pipe irrigation systems in search if illegal grow operations in a forest in California. I’ve also sat in a complete strangers living room purchasing the same illegal weed that I had once tried to track down and burn to the ground.

Tomorrow marijuana takes it’s first steps into mainstream acceptance.


4 thoughts on “Marijuana For Everyone

  1. I have smoke weed on and off since 1975. The “on and off” part should negate the addictive perspective, and the “gateway” drug? I don’t use other drugs or drink alcohol, they are too addictive. Marijuana kept me out of bipolar episodes and off antidepressants for years. I still would love a toke now and then, but alas, until it is made legal everywhere…well, I’m too old to go to jail. Great post.


  2. I have to admit, I laughed at your “joint operation” pun. 😉 As for pot, while I don’t use it and have never had any urge to smoke anything at all, I don’t consider it particularly dangerous or the people who use it problematic. Instead, I think the culture of it while it’s been illegal and hidden is far more a source of trouble, legally, socially, economically and so forth, than its use ever was, so I’m glad the legal status is changing. We’ll do far better to spend our resources on other things than messing around with the mountain of problems that have long been made by marijuana’s illegality.


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