The First Day

Colorado’s weed industry is open for business. I spent the morning scoping out the Denver Metro Area for a good place to purchase marijuana. It turns out it wasn’t exactly as crazy as I thought it would be. The first place I went was Denver’s Discreet Dispensary, and it was a media circus. I wasn’t sure if I parked legally or not, and it was freezing, plus I wasn’t going to get anything here that Channel 7 wasn’t already getting, so I snapped off a few photos and took off in search of greener pastures.

I gave the Denver Post’s Cannabist section a look and obtained some addresses that looked promising. I decided to give Kindman a shot, because I read some interviews and the place sounded pretty cool. When I pulled up there were about 20 people in line, after about an hour that number grew to around 100 lined up all the way around the corner of the building.  I talked to Mike from New York, who was standing first in line. Mike told me he worked for the state of New York for over thirty years and just recently retired. The couple behind Mike was second in line, but insisted that they were technically the first to arrive, but just happened to be warming up in their vehicle when Mike took the first spot at about 7 a.m. In true pothead fashion Mike was chill about the situation, and even after waiting about an hour and a half to get in the door, he gave up the historic “first customer” spot to the couple from Missouri. For that Mike, I salute you.

The store had some issues with their computer system and couldn’t open the doors until sometime around 8:30. The crowd was getting a little restless, but for the most part everyone was happy to wait for the chance to purchase their marijuana for the first time. I hung around long enough to get a picture of the first guy out the door with his sack of weed. I started to notice a certain look that everyone was giving me throughout the day. It was that “Oh shit, I didn’t realize there was going to be a guy with a camera taking my picture while I stand in line for weed” look. I get it. I still feel awkward talking openly about Marijuana and how it pertains to my life.

It is a whole new world. There is nothing discreet at all about standing in line by the hundreds to buy Mary Jane. Today was like a coming out party for closeted pot heads everywhere. There was a really diverse mix of people standing in line publically admitting to their previously illegal recreational activities. I don’t blame anyone for being concerned about having their picture taken while in the act of purchasing marijuana, but if you don’t want your picture taken, you shouldn’t come out on such a historic occasion.

I would feel worse about it if I wasn’t myself standing out there admitting to the world that “yes, I do smoke pot.” I’m taking the same risk you are, except I don’t really have a job right now to worry about losing. Getting one might be a little tougher in the future, but from what I hear it isn’t all that easy right now in the first place.

The third place I looked into to was Citi-Med on Evans. It was the longest line of all the dispensaries I visited by far. I imagine that being right next to the University of Denver  might have something to do with that. Surprisingly the folks in this line were the ones who seemed the most appalled that I would dare to snap their picture. While photographing the people in line, one girl mentioned she didn’t want to be on camera, but then the guy right next to her shouted out, “I DO!” I told them all they should be proud and just let their freak flag fly for the morning.

I think one of the biggest things I learned today was that there really are a lot of people who smoke marijuana these days. I saw people that I would have never expected to be pot users standing in line eagerly waiting for their chance to get their hands on some great weed. Which brings us to my final destination: Altitude: The Dispensary. This place was very discreet, tucked away in a little corner behind an abandoned K-Mart. The line was short, but the wait was long. I stood in line and talked with my line-mates about all things marijuana, and even a little bit about our personal lives and how we’ve survived this long as closeted weed smokers.

The staff at Altitude is top notch. They were super-friendly and knowledgeable. I had to give up my ID at the door, and it took an hour in line, but that was to be expected because of the circumstances. Once you give up your ID, they register you in a system in their computer. Then you are let into a waiting room, and you watch Comedy Central until they call your name.  Once in the main room, you tell them what you want and they take care of you. I just went in with $20 bucks, which was good enough to get me a gram of Sour OG. The taxes are no joke, that’s double what you can get a gram for on the medicinal side of things. While waiting, I listened to one of their Budtenders speak eloquently about the multitude of benefits that Marijuana can provide. He was sort of a guru of pot gracing us with the sacred word of ganja. He was just one of those types. Outgoing, exuberant, easy to like, he was the kind of guy that could talk you into joining a cult without you even knowing it. It was awesome to be present in his aura of wisdom. I instantly felt at ease around this guy. I would say I would go back to Altitude specifically because I had the pleasure of meeting this man.

All in all, it was exactly what NORML‘s  Mason Tvert said it should be, just a normal day, except responsible adults can now purchase marijuana at their sole discretion and for whatever reason they see fit.  The prohibition of Marijuana has come to an end in Colorado. Legalization is here. It’s time for the rest of the country to follow suit.


Budtenders,Potheads,and Long Lines: The First Day of Legalized Weed in Denver