I must master it
as I must master my life
this is my rifle




4 thoughts on “Guns

    • me too. I had never been to a Bass Pro Shop before. I find the amount of violence and exposure to guns our children have quite disconcerting. Perhaps I read the news too much, it seems as if every other week there is another child shooting other children with real guns. Both on accident and on purpose. The other day here in Denver a school was shutdown because of a “chemical explosion” in a classroom. Two children were arrested as suspects. The movies we watch, the cartoons, the television shows, the reality shows, the sporting events. Everything is centered on violence. A 71 year old man shot and killed a 38 year old father of a three year old in a movie theater on Monday. Killed him dead after the guy threw his popcorn at him in an argument over texting. I think these pictures that I have taken of children holding guns is just my way of contemplating what we are all subjecting our children too. It isn’t to blast this parent for letting his kid hold and play with a toy gun, it isn’t to slander anyones name, it is just to get an unfiltered look at how deep the roots of this problem really are. It is overwhelming and sad for me knowing that there really isn’t an end in sight.


      • Yes. I think I got that. It wasn’t a judgmental image,just a disturbing one. Like the news we are bombarded with. Yeah, I know the guy in the theater? Good God. When I was a kid, my mother didn’t give me guns (toy or otherwise) to play with. But occasionally I would be with friends who had toy guns and we’d play cowboys and indians or some such drivel. Mom always impressed upon me that it was absolutely FORBIDDEN to point a gun at anyone. “You can point at the sky, at the tree, at the ground, but don’t you ever point a gun at someone because you just never know what might happen. It might be loaded…And what you do with toys becomes the habits that you have with real life. So just don’t do it!” She was adamant on this point. I’m glad for that good early training.


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