Freeze Frame

human claustrophobia
no personal space


Freeze Frame


7 thoughts on “Freeze Frame

    • I just stood in front of her and took the shot. It’s a 21mm lens so I need to be close. It was during an annual festival called Taste of Colorado. Thousands of people flock downtown for it. She had pink hair and big glasses and a face piercing, add the security shirt and I just had to take the shot. It didn’t feel like she was angry with me, I think it was the job!


      • Sure! It’s always easier to snap in a big crowd! Tougher when it’s one on one. I’m working on my verbal communication skills so I can introduce myself to more opportunities. Photographically speaking. 🙂


      • That takes guts. I really applaud your tenacity in moving forward. The thing I love about photography and blogging is that I can be somewhat incognito. Of course, my photos suffer for lack of involvement with people, but blogging, it seems easy to get to know people because there is time to think before engaging in dialogue. You have to be so much more adept and on top of your game to engage with people in real time. You are on a real life journey and if I could, I’d pat you on the back and probably even give you a hug!


  1. Also: I thought you were talking about a different picture! The same thing goes though. Crowds are easier. I also use a remote shutter release in my pocket and shoot without raising the camera to my face as well.


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