Colorado Landscapes

14,000 feet
above the Earth’s sea level
oxygen deprived


Colorado Landscapes


4 thoughts on “Colorado Landscapes

    • Mt. Evans! I know I don’t share many Landscape shots, although I have quite a few of them. I’m color blind so that’s why I am more hesitant with my color photos. I’m always worried they will look funny to everyone else. 🙂


      • Oh that’s funny, Jeremy. Maybe you should capitalize on your color-blindness. Show the world what you see. Of course, I guess that’s hard to do since you can’t see what the rest of the world (or most of us anyway) are seeing. When my mother-in-law’s vision was disintegrating due to macular degeration, I tried to get her to paint how she saw things. (She had been a painter in years past.) The very act of mixing the paints was too trying for her to tackle, though.


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