Butterflies, Cupcakes, and Moonboots

my happy child
three-year-old fashionista
the love of my life

In the cold winter months my daughter and I don’t get to go outside as often as she would like. When we don’t have a car we just walk around the grounds of the apartment complex and explore. Her three-year-old fashion sensibility is always good for a laugh.

She stuffs her pockets with sticks, rocks, sand and other weird odds and ends that she finds lying around. When her pockets reach their load capacity, she resorts to stuffing my pockets with the aforementioned list above.

I could stop her, and I do try, but it never works and I just don’t have the heart to kill the joy of stuffing her dad’s pockets with whatever little “treasures” she finds. As long as it isn’t an old frozen piece of dog feces or parts of dead animals my pockets are fair game.


Butterflies, Cupcakes, and Moonboots


7 thoughts on “Butterflies, Cupcakes, and Moonboots

  1. She’s gorgeous. And I love the acquisition thing. Definitely bodes well for her future in museums and galleries! A timely reminder, too, that treasures, are more than vastly expensive designer goods.


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