The Gates Rubber Factory was once the largest producer of power transmission belts in the world. Operating in Denver since 1914, the site has been closed since 1991. The buildings have been abandoned for decades now and after 85 years of cranking out more transmission belts than anyone else in the world, the ground beneath the site is contaminated and requires an extensive environmental rehabilitation effort.
And so the iconic Gates Rubber Factory is being erased from South Denver’s landscape and another landmark that represented Denver to me for so long is disappearing forever.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

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    • Yes. It really is. I’ve been pursuing my Bachelors degree for the past few years and have taken a lot of courses in that time that really opened my eyes to how depressing of a place the earth actually is.


  2. Interesting that the plant has multiple floors, our PTP (Power Transmission Products) plants (essentially competitors to this one) are mostly single floor with maybe a second floor of offices in one section… hmm… would be interesting to have seen some shots from inside before the demo started… Thanks for sharing!


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