this is my Colfax

the two homeless men proclaimed

I love this city

I met Irish & Juan today while walking Colfax. Irish approached me while I was photographing some graffiti and tags on a nearby building. “You want to take a real picture?,” asked the disheveled and orange-bearded homeless man. He had to talk his friend into joining him for the photo. The Hispanic man was reluctant to pose, but Irish was adamant and eventually coaxed his friend into the frame. I happened to have a pocket full of dollar bills so I emptied my pockets and handed them $3 each. As I was leaving Juan said “Only on Colfax” while shaking his head from side to side.

With each social encounter that I force myself to endure, I feel my anxiety towards these face to face interactions slowly fading away.


Meeting Irish & Juan


4 thoughts on “Meeting Irish & Juan

  1. Wonderful project you have going here. Sometimes all the homeless need is just some respect and to be treated as a human being. I admire you for what you’re doing.


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