Denver After Dark

orbs of snowy light
springtime precipitation
a moment in time

tonight I drove through a snowstorm
green,blue,and white headlights in front of me
thousands of glowing red tail ights in the rear view
each one repeating itself directly below the original
a reflection in the asphalt
they stretch out behind the vehicles like a neon tail
distorted illuminations
distracting me

these trees were the prettiest thing I saw tonight
so I thought I would share

I’m sick right now
so grammar is out the window for the time being


Denver After Dark


16 thoughts on “Denver After Dark

    • I remember being twelve years old and reading books. My favorite book growing up was The Talisman by Peter Straub (Stephen King). 🙂 I’m glad you visited my blog. Thanks for the comments!


      • No. You captured what Ma Nature does all the time. But you SAW it and you captured it in a unique way and you overcame technical challenges to make it happen. Own up to your talent and growing skill, man! 😉


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