Going out on a limb: the stuff I don’t normally share.


What did they call Earth before humans assigned it that moniker? I wish that the United States of America didn’t exist. I wish that all imaginary lines, borders, and boundaries didn’t exist. I wish the world was united. The United People of Earth.

All human beings are treated equal on that planet. It does not matter what color your skin is or what religion you choose to put your faith in. You are treated with dignity and respect. You have a right to live comfortably. Human beings understand the precious gift of life they have been given is sustained by the planet they live on.

They understand that there is no other planet known that can support them. No one takes life for granted. We all work together to ensure the survival and advancement of our species. We don’t judge others for their beliefs, and we all understand that to treat a fellow human being poorly is equal to treating ourselves poorly. We are one.

We exist because of each other. It takes people to make people. We have to cooperate or we will perish as a species. Oligarchies do not exist because they diminish the majority which is counterproductive to the human mission of survival. We don’t harm others in order to make ourselves more wealthy.

We share everything . No one goes without because there is plenty to go around. We exist peacefully. Could there be a world with no crime? What if violence was truly considered taboo? Would that be so crazy?

Could a world exist where the children don’t grow up worshipping violence? Where the word war isn’t even comprehended? Wouldn’t that be a great question? “What is war? I don’t understand.” A world that never invented the A- Bomb or Nuclear weapons. A world with no bullets or guns. Where all human beings are loved and nurtured.

If there was a place like that, would we still find a way to kill each other? What if there was no man made weapons at all? Would there be less killing if the only way to do it was with your bare hands? I don’t understand our species. Why do we kill each other? Why do we let others suffer so that we may benefit? Why do we fight over natural resources? Why don’t more of us care?

I know that my wish of a borderless united earth is not realistic. I understand that it will never exist. The earth could get smashed by a giant asteroid at any time right? I mean what are we fighting for?

The fact that we are alive and breathing and populating a planet should be enough for all of us. We should be grateful for the lives we have and live them the best we can. Somewhere in our evolution we lost sight on what was important. Instead of thinking in human terms we treated others poorly.

We diminished ourselves because we diminished others for being different than the majority. People died unnecessarily, tragically, horrifically. It was no longer their right to be human. Where did the evil come from? What happened in human evolution that gave us such a high capacity for violence, bigotry, and hatred?

Should we get rid of the things that make us crazy? Like politics and religion? The things that drive us to commit atrocities. I’m not a genius. There is a lot about the world that I don’t understand as you can probably tell from this rambling post. I just think there has to be a better way than what we are doing right now. Every second we don’t change is one second closer to our impending oblivion.



the doorway deluxe
Ducati from Bologna
the beautiful grime

To be honest, I have hundreds of images of Doors that I have yet to share. Thousands waiting to be made into projects, and tens of thousands that probably need to be deleted. I keep hearing that storage drives all eventually fail. If that is in fact a true statement, then I need to start seriously considering making a collection of prints to save.

Hope you enjoy the door.





Pushed out by gold rush

American expansion

tribal displacement


This sculpture titled “On the War Trail,” created by sculptor Alexander Phimster Proctor,was dedicated in 1922. We took their land, changed their lives completely, stripped them of their hunting territories and plopped them on reservations. This statue isn’t enough. It doesn’t honor anything. It’s like adding insult to injury. America destroyed an entire culture in the name of expansion. This is the meaning that the statue holds for me.


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