devoid of faces

colorblind photographer

trying to understand

Today I joined a group of curious photographers at Mike’s Camera for a Street Photography Workshop. I found the experience to be liberating. Traveling with a large group of photographer’s seems to put people at ease. I felt almost invisible today, camouflaged by a buzzing swarm of paparazzi behind me, cameras aimed at the skyline. Flanked by this photographers mob I found myself getting closer and closer to what interested me. The wide angle lens forced me to be bold or come away disappointed. Traveling in a pack really does have it’s advantages.




The Road



I put my headphones on. My ears are ringing from the abundance of ambient noise that is constantly bouncing off the thin apartment walls that surround me. Started with Dinosuar, Jr., but I’m just not feeling that right now. I sit at my table with my laptop resting beneath my palms. I press the function key while at the same time pressing the space bar. The alphabet pops to life in a soft glowing white light. I strike the keys carefully.My fourth finger on my left hand is permanently bent in a V like shape which makes typing in the area around the A, S, Z and X a weird reach for me. The finger might as well not be there, all it does is get hooked up in my pocket  and get in my way. I can feel it crumbling a little more as time goes on. Every once in a while I will feel a new area of pain accompanied by a strange boney something or other moving around in there.

Replaced the Dinosaur Jr, with some Kid Cudi, still not feeling it. It doesnt match my mental state. Charles Mingus?  I do like how the horns seem to be breathing on the first track. Amazing thing about Jazz, I get a physical reaction from it. Butterflies in my stomach, goosebumps on my arms, a wave of calm, it replaces the orchestra of the dishwasher, running toilet, clunky heating unit, and heavy stepping upstairs neighbor.

Life Today