devoid of faces

colorblind photographer

trying to understand

Today I joined a group of curious photographers at Mike’s Camera for a Street Photography Workshop. I found the experience to be liberating. Traveling with a large group of photographer’s seems to put people at ease. I felt almost invisible today, camouflaged by a buzzing swarm of paparazzi behind me, cameras aimed at the skyline. Flanked by this photographers mob I found myself getting closer and closer to what interested me. The wide angle lens forced me to be bold or come away disappointed. Traveling in a pack really does have it’s advantages.


4 thoughts on “Colorblind

    • I think we all are to a certain degree, that is why I constantly practice taking pictured out in the streets. Some days, I don’t approach anyone, and others I just walk right up and get the shot and smile. It all depends on what mood I’m in I suppose! I really enjoy it though, and I think that is the key.


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