Man on the Street

genuinely nice
flower in the button hole
positive aura

I am not a fashionable man myself, but I find I’m drawn to fashion more and more as I continue to experiment with photographing people in the streets. I recently read Scott Schuman‘s book “The Sartorialist” and had never heard of the flower in the button hole thing before that. To see a man wearing one on the streets in Denver was fascinating. How many times have I missed this flowery fashion trend on other men walking the streets?  The photography of Bill Cunningham of The New York Times is also very inspirational. In his article “Bill on Bill”  he writes:

“The problem is I’m not a good photographer. To be perfectly honest, I’m too shy. Not aggressive enough. Well, I’m not aggressive at all. I just loved to see wonderfully dressed women, and I still do. That’s all there is to it.”

That sentiment is shared by many creatives. The constant drive to be better, the self deprecating comments on our own abilities as well as the art we create. It is nice to hear it from a man who has established himself as one of the great photographers of our time. Photographers like Bill and Scott are an inspiration to me, guys who work in the street producing amazing photography, documenting fashion and life. The modern day flaneurs. Recording life in the streets is my passion and you don’t do it very long before you realize that fashion is as much a part of the streets as the grit, grime, and homelessness that saturates American cities everywhere.




A Flower in the Button Hole