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According to U.S. Census and Uniform Crime Reporting data police in Colorado made 55,900 marijuana possession arrests between 2006-2010. On November 8th, 2012 future arrest numbers went up in smoke as 54% of Colorado voters favored the legalization of marijuana. On January 1st, 2014 the first retail marijuana shops opened for business. In the first two months Colorado made over 6 million dollars in tax revenue from the sale of recreational cannabis. All of that revenue is already earmarked for school construction in Colorado. In fact, the first 40 million in tax revenue the state makes goes to the schools. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I’ll try not to bore you anymore with stats that I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of times. The fact is, a lot of people all over the world use marijuana. The fact that it was ever criminalized in the first place is one of the greatest muck-ups in American history. American law enforcement has spent billions trying to stem the tide of marijuana users, clogging up our court system with low level drug offenders for decades. It should be legalized across the board in all 50 states. It should be taxed and regulated and the money should be used to clear up our national debt. Who knows? It might even serve to  mellow out our increasingly hostile society.





Marijuana Legalization is Working in Colorado


4 thoughts on “Marijuana Legalization is Working in Colorado

  1. xbabykennyx says:

    I have to admit here this is a thought provoking post with much that is of high consideration in such debates. Though I live in the UK I can relate to this as we too are a country that has made the use of Marijuana illegal and in turn alloweds the tax evasive back street black market traders to take advantage of this. I suppose that if there is a loop hole people will find it but I agree with you, there are so many users now that the legalisation would allow better regulation and prove to benefit as a state income. I personally don’t use it but I know many that do.


  2. Why don’t we flip the table and criminalize alcohol? I have never heard of anyone wrecking their car while high on weed, unless they got smoke in their eye..
    Too many people are in our prisons now because of the criminalization of Mary Jane..


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