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flipped a double bird
communicating contempt
obscene hand gesture


Flipping a Double Bird


6 thoughts on “Flipping a Double Bird

    • I was actually taking a picture of something else. I was walking through the crowd with the camera to my face just snapping off shots and he jumped in front of me. My instant reaction was to laugh and keep shooting. I honestly think it was on jest, but I could be wrong. That’s street photography for you, some people love the camera and others hate it.


      • I was thinking of you just this morning. Really! I was wondering if you sometimes hold your camera against your chest or waist and shoot blind. I see from your comment you walk with the camera to your face. Ha…are you hiding behind it? I would trip and fall if I did that. Anyway…whatever you do, you just keep getting better and better at it.


      • I do a lot of shooting from the hip. Sometimes I just hold the camera in one hand and gently put my camera in front of there face as I pass by. Sometimes I wear a jacket with a remote trigger in my pocket and just stand next to people and snap. A good portion of the time I shoot with my eye in the viewfinder because those shots usually turn out the best, because I took the extra time and summoned up the courage to just act like taking someone’s picture in public is no big deal. The next evolution for me I think is to try and talk to more of the people I photograph. I recently ordered some cool mini cards with the quote: “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud I figure that’s as good if an explanation as any when people ask why I’m taking their picture. We’ll see how that goes.


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