Denver is proposing the use of $1.8 million dollars of the city budget to bolster its security presence along the 16th Street Mall and the lower downtown district. Michael Roberts Westword piece

Homelessness being criminalized in Ballpark neighborhood? Advocacy group says yes.’, points out a few better ideas of how to use the money.


Being Homeless is Not a Crime


9 thoughts on “Being Homeless is Not a Crime

  1. It makes me want to vomit! Why don’t they use the money to help the homeless!
    “In god we trust?” Right! Pathetic! Americans need to wake up and do something! Slience is darkness!


  2. They live without basic human rights and then are persecuted them for it. The lack of knowledge and understanding about the homeless is one of the biggest tragedies of our society.
    Just did a post about the same topic.It’s great to connect with others willing to give them a voice.


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