Barefoot in Public

Barefoot in public
socially acceptable?
does it bother you?

Is there really anything wrong with going barefoot in public? Personally, I would not go barefoot anywhere, and my knee-jerk reaction upon encountering this scene was a feeling of disgust. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered if that feeling of disgust was really justified. Is it rude to sprawl out on the light rail like this and kick up your feet? Yes, but is there really anything wrong with making the personal choice to not wear shoes? Who am I to say what this man does with his feet? One thing is for certain, he can live free of the guilt of wearing overpriced footwear that may or may not have not been made under slave labor conditions in some far-away country. While I respect his freedom of choice regarding his footwear, I think I’ll pack some Lysol the next time I hit the rails.


Barefoot in Public


8 thoughts on “Barefoot in Public

  1. I guess until we walked a mile in his shoeless foot steps we can’t judge, lysol is good everywhere we go. Do you know how many snotty noes kids rub their fluids all over the seats, shopping carts, doctor’s offices, ect. Yes I agree carry hand sanitizer everywhere you go, I do. Lol

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  2. Todd says:

    I have always loved the feeling and look of going out in public (or anywhere) barefoot. I usually like the look when I see others in their barefeet (unless their feet are unkept and ugly).

    It is amazing a lot if people are surprised or curious when coming across me or someone else out in public not wearing any footwear. When I was younger and was often barefoot in public my friends didn’t say anything, but were very aware that I was being different. Some actually started doing the same thing. I think most people just don’t think about it, or have the nerve to try.

    I will continue because I still love the look, the feel, and most the reactions I get.


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