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A couple of young guys were smoking cigarettes as we disembarked from the F-Line at Arapahoe Station. I hesitated before getting on the elevator with him, but decided I would rather enhale the second hand smoke then take the stairs right then. My legs and hips are usually pretty sore by the end of a day of walking.

I turned my back on him and took some shots of the I-25 highway through the elevators transparent walls. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he was frantically trying to unstrap his backpack from his chest. When he finally got everything unlatched he motioned to me. I cocked my headphones up off my ear and he says:

“Take my picture, I got a new shirt. Colorado!”

I fired off a few frames and thanked him. It’s a rare occasion that someone asks you to take their picture on the street. I’m perplexed by the expression on his face, I’m not sure what he is feeling at this moment.


A Strange Encounter


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