5  Life Lessons  I've learned through Street Photography

Photographing people in the streets is exhilarating, entertaining,exhausting, and educational. These lessons I mention are simple lessons that I often take for granted. Shooting with the street photography genre in mind is something that I enjoy doing and have been practicing for a few years now. So I’ll throw out this disclaimer: I am a student of photography with aspirations to be a journalist. I don’t get paid for any of this and I just want to share my experiences of shooting in the streets with other photographers in hopes of providing some insight as to what works and doesn’t work for me personally.

I don’t want to come off as a know-it-all street photographer trying to push whatever it is that I think defines street photography on you. The number one rule that I always fall back on in photography is: There are no rules. Photograph what you love…

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5 Life Lessons I’ve learned through Street Photography


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phone chained to the wrist
see the singularity
begin to take shape

It doesn’t necessarily bother me that Google’s adoption of the moniker Android for its devices and wearable tech is one of the most blatant signs of the singularity that Ray Kurzweil has predicted. It’s the fact that most of us embrace it so easily that scares me.

This little phone charm is more of a fashion statement than a sign of humanness and technology intermingling, but it is a clunky foreshadowing of what is to come and what is already happening. The interweaving of technology in everything we do.


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