Color Street Photography

The Angry Panhandler

j_nix_streetwork (1 of 1)-596

begging with a frown
the angry panhandler
a cup in your face


10 thoughts on “The Angry Panhandler

    • I agree. I’ve seen some people that fly signs standing out there in the freezing cold during winter, looking miserable, and I still feel sorry for them. Sometimes I give them money, and if I don’t have money I will nod and say hello or something. I cant get over how I always feel awkward no matter how often I pull up next to a person holding up a sign for money. There is that moment where I ask myself: “Am I really such an asshole that I can’t even make eye contact with this guy?” then I’ll glance up and make eye contact.


  1. Reminded me of some of the more “iffy” ones I came across in San Fransisco. My limit was seeing signs that more or less threatened to send the pet rabbit one bloke had tethered under his chair “to the pot” if the amount of donations didn’t increase! At least the bunch of men who said their cause was “alcohol research” were honest about where your donation would end up!


    • True. They will try anything to get a buck. One kid I saw yesterday was holding up a huge cardboard target that said HIT ME WITH MONEY or something like that. In Colorado, as I’m sure pretty much anywhere in the U.S., it is not uncommon to see the “WHY LIE I NEED A BEER” signs, but more recently a lot of the signs are very marijuana oriented, like “Anything Helps, money, weed, food, anything” illustrated with a pot leaf or a rolled up cartoon joint. Supposedly there has been an increase in the amount of homeless in the Denver metro area that can be attrributed to the marijuana drawing them in. I wonder if that will change at all when it starts to get cold in the winter months. I’m ramnbling now, so I will just say thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it.

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