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Denver Cops

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to serve and protect
making homelessness a crime
enforcing the law

The City of Denver recently increased the police presence along the 16th Street Mall with a $1.8 million dollar budget increase. The money is being used to hire additional officers as well as the anticipated increase in arrest and detention costs. Today in Denver, there are police on seemingly every block of the 16th street mall. The hired help are performing their duties with gusto, handing out tickets to panhandlers, rousting up the homeless who made the mistake of falling asleep on the benches in Civic Center Park and just generally making their presence known. They ride their motorcycles and drive their cruisers through the parks and the sidewalk malls on the lookout for derelict pot smokers and the down on their luck destitute of Denver.

Personally, the increased presence doesn’t make me feel any safer. I can feel the tension increasing in the area. Denver is booming. Homeless from across the nation are making their way to Denver to partake in the newly legalized marijuana industry. I would assume many of them may want to try their luck at finding a job at one of the hundreds of pot shops around town and I don’t blame them for trying. Common sense tells us that eventually something has to give.



2 thoughts on “Denver Cops

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Homelessness shouldn’t be a crime, however I guess I understand the situation of there’s always something that can be done for money other than panhandling.


    • That is true on both points. 🙂 I think there needs to be more attention paid to the mental illness aspect that comes into play, especially with Veterans. I think the problem is only going to get worse with the increased amount of troubled Veterans coming home from increasingly horrible experiences. This country asks a lot of its Veterans. These are people who volunteered to serve their country, and their country is leaving them behind. If we can spend money on the war machine, why can’t we spend more money on the warriors? Maybe it is a problem that money alone can’t fix. Sometimes reality really makes me angry. Thanks for your comment!


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