Black & White Street Photography

Trying to fit in


Whenever I get tense and all weirded out on life (which is quite often actually) I can’t sleep and get stuck in a train of thought that won’t turn off. I lie awake thinking for hours. Going over the past, present and future.

Spending time trying to fit in. Making myself believe that people don’t like me. Thinking of those times on the train when I accidentally make eye contact with someone and watch them turn their back on me so they don’t have to look anymore.

I hate feeling like I have to gaze at my shoes or close my eyes because I make others uncomfortable with my appearance. Maybe it’s the camera that hangs from my neck, but my brain assumes they don’t like the way I look.

I know other people feel this way too. I watch them close their eyes on the train and bury their heads in their phones so they don’t have to look at anyone. It makes me sad.

This man was the exact opposite. The sun shone on his face like a spotlight and he was basking. He didn’t give me the disgusted look that I’m used to.

This is why I take pictures. These kind glances are rare collectibles in my world. I have to take thousands of pictures before I come across a truly kind moment like this.


5 thoughts on “Trying to fit in

  1. I have noticed the same thing. Most people will look almost scared if they gain eye contact with someone they don’t know and quickly turn away. I wonder why that is? If that happens to me, I usually just give them a smile. Some people will smile back and others act like I just did something horrible!


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