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300 Miles in a Westy with no name


My family and I are preparing to embark on an open-ended road-trip, final destination unknown. We purchased a 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon with a Westfalia camper conversion, also known as a “Westy.” Unfortunately for us we ran into a snag. Maizy drove it into a parking garage with a low clearance and severely damaged the front portion of the roof. We found out the hard way that the van is slightly taller than 6’5″. We did some research and were referred to a gentleman who owns a junkyard filled with Volkswagens in Gardner, Colorado. We took it as an opportunity to put the engine through its paces and replace our roof at the same time. This would be our first extended trip in the van and it proved to be up to the task. This is a photo story of how we spent a Saturday in our future home on the road. 300 miles round-trip to the high desert of Colorado and back to the Mile High City.


Penny has been traveling in VW buses since she was an infant, so this is nothing new to her. She lives for this. We look at our upcoming adventure as an educational experience. We plan to “road-school” her along the way.


We left Denver at the crack of dawn and headed south.










We stopped in Pueblo and took a restroom break.




Back on the road.





When we saw this folk-art bike sign we knew we made it to the right place.


We were greeted by a junk-yard dog who accompanied us the whole time we were there. Penny and the dog were fast friends, and she didn’t want to leave him when it was time to go. So that is how we spent our Saturday. Getting a little taste of what’s to come and reusing parts off an old donor van to complete our own. Maizy and I removed the old top ourselves and secured it to the van with no name. It felt good using our hands and accomplishing our task. We sweared at it a few times, busted a few knuckles and our hands still sting from those tiny shards of fiberglass embedded in them, but all in all we got through it mostly unscathed.

We are a family of future rubber-tramps just counting the hours until we can live the city behind for new adventures.