Friends with Guns

I posted a message on my Facebook page asking which of my friends who also happen to be gun-owners would be willing to let me photograph them. Out of 195 friends I got one response. This is my Facebook friend Ben Kramer. He is also my friend in real life. I wanted to get a glimpse of what it is like to own a gun. I hadn’t had my hands on a firearm in over a decade. I hadn’t seen my friend Ben in over 3 years. So in the name of friendship and photojournalism we arranged to meet here at the Summit County Shooting Range in Dillon, Colorado.


5 thoughts on “Friends with Guns

    • Hmm. This one is surely a step out of your usual turf. I applaud your courage, again, in going “public” in search of a subject and also in renewing your friendship in this unusual manner.


      • Ben is the perfect guy to jump back into the social fray with. I akso wanted to get a look into the world if gun ownership. I was an expert marksman in the service, but had not touched a gun since that time. I’m torn on the gun issue. I personally wouldn’t own one because I believe that I’m too angry of a person to have one nearby. Before i went to the range I learned that it was basically unsupervised and run by volunteers and that had me feeling a little nervous but I went through with it anyway. I fired all the guns with him and we had a great candid conversation about guns in general. It was a great way for me to ease back into being social and i learned quite a bit.

        Im a bit of a slacker with this post and probably should have done a better write-up on the whole experience. Practice makes perfect. Im learning as I go.


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