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American Fun

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DENVER,Colo.-October 18, 2014-Thousands of people walked the streets with fake guns and other accessories of mayhem during the 8th annual zombie crawl. Our society’s boys and girls grow up surrounded by guns. We see them in our most popular movies and television shows. We see them on the news, and we see them in the hands of our mothers and fathers. A recent Gallup Poll on Gun Ownership says that 38% of American households reported owning at least one firearm. The survey showed 48% of those households possessed four guns or more. The October 2014 survey indicates that a smaller percentage of gun owners are obtaining an increasing percentage of the gun stock.

an armed silhouette

roaming the streets of Denver

American Fun


4 thoughts on “American Fun

    • Self defense is a common reason people give for owning them in America. A burglar eas killed in our state this week when he tried to enter a gun owners home through a doggie door. The home owner will not be charged with a crime.


      • I Norway where I live, the homeowner would have been charged with murder. Probably/maybe he would have been so in some American states as well (I’m not so familiar with the laws there, but I’m assuming that shooting an intruder has different laws in different US states).
        I agree with the laws in your state: if someone breaks into your house, he deserves to be killed.


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