Albuquerque, America, Color Street Photography

The Urban Landscape of Albuquerque, New Mexico

leaning out windows

three on the tree flat head eight

streamliner deluxe

America, Life, Photography

Fighting for Freedom

my own motley crew

rag-tag mercenary band

fighting for freedom

Albuquerque, America, Urban Landscape

Carnations Descend

carnations descend

from the dinginess above

under surveillance

America, Black & White Street Photography

Speaking with Alcoholics

Denver Street Photography

walking aimlessly

speaking with alcoholics

talking about life

When I was in jail -15 years ago- I always told myself that I would just be happy with a little apartment, an easy chair and a cat. I got out, and I did that for a while. I ultimately ended up becoming an alcoholic shut-in with an unhealthy video game addiction and a couch full of cat hair. I changed my life then, I can change now.

America, Urban Landscape

Cigarette Butts and Pigeons

grates made of iron

cigarette butts and pigeons

a weathered sidewalk

America, Photography, Photojournalism, Urban Landscape

Son of God from Nazareth

A sign of Jesus

Son of God from Nazareth

a Jewish rabbi

America, Black & White Street Photography

Violent Society


people are monsters

violent society

a sign of the times