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Standing Room Only

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DENVER,Colo.-October 12,2012-Local musicians prepare to play a set for the crowd at the Lost Lake Lounge. The bar hosts national and local acts and has been in the city at this location since the 1940s.

standing room only

desperately seeking coolness

at the Lost Lake Lounge


11 thoughts on “Standing Room Only

  1. I like the light and the composition of the photograph very much, but my eyes are desperately looking for something to focus on. Knowing you so far, I presume there is a reason for the photograph being out-focussed as it is? πŸ™‚


    • Mostly I just thought of this haiku while browsing these pictures. I went ahead and posted the image in this state, because that’s how I remember the moment. Struggling with my camera in a terrible lighting situation, trying to get it in focus. I was just as frustrated taking it as you were looking at it! πŸ™‚ The amount of people in that small room made me feel a little uncomfortable, and the image conveys that to me.

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