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The Urban Landscape of Denver, Colorado

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DENVER,Colo.-March 29,2014-An old truck sits in a back alley in the River North Art District, also known as the RiNo neighborhood. The walls in these alleys pop with vibrant colors. The River North community is comprised of mostly creative businesses. Designers, architects, breweries, wineries, sculptors, photographers and painters choose this neighborhood as their place of business.

creative vandals
decorating city streets
anonymous art


One thought on “The Urban Landscape of Denver, Colorado

  1. A very good image with the haiku pointing me to the details (the colours of the truck, the grafitti on wall). Intriguing once more. 🙂
    I tend to use straight, distinct horizontal and vertical lines that extend through the edges of the frame, such as poles or kerbs, as additional limiter to the picture. Sort of a (partial) frame within the photograph. By either moving the camera slightly to the right or stepping a little bit closer to the truck, you could have used the larger pole on the left. Cut it by half and you have a perfect left frame. Additionally, the truck would be less centred (optically, that is, I realise it actually isn’t centred) and some more of the red/white grafitti on the wall as well as the trucks yellow/orange side panel might lead to a more colourful, vibrant overall impression.
    All assuming you want to say “urban landscape”, “creativity”, “decoration” and “art” with this photograph. And just my humble opinion, of course.

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