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High Desert Breakdown

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PALM SPRINGS-March 14, 2014-My family and I found ourselves stranded along the I-10 freeway minutes after purchasing a 1984 VW camper van. The previous owner was kind enough to give us our money back no questions asked. So we found ourselves stranded and took the opportunity to explore the beauty of the landscape. We saw a good amount of litter. An old church pew, an L.A. Lakers banner. a broken car seat and the usual beer bottles and broken glass. An officer from the California Highway Patrol even stopped by to check in on us.

high desert breakdown

Southern California Sun

boiling hot water


4 thoughts on “High Desert Breakdown

  1. Your blog is absolutely inspiring! I am just starting out with my photography for real right now and came across your blog. I love the whole concept and what you’re doing with it. Keep it up!!


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