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Denver Mounted Police

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DENVER,Colo.-October 20.2012-Mounted police ride their horses down the 16th Street Mall during the 7th Annual Zombie Crawl. Mounted patrols are often used as crowd control because of their mobility and height advantage. The high visibility gets the officers noticed and gives them a wider area of observation all in the hopes of deterring people from committing crimes.

police on horseback

higher visibility

easily spotted


4 thoughts on “Denver Mounted Police

  1. Boise used to have a few of these. Then they decided keeping hayburners was too expensive so did away with the horse patrol. I miss them. They were great at crowd events, really broke down the barriers between cop and public. Great way to introduce kids to law enforcement.


  2. The old chief of police in Oslo (Willy Haugli) once let the police dogs loose into a restaurant/bar where some demonstrators were hiding after a violent demonstration.

    Afterwards a shocked press asked him how he could let the dogs into a bar like that. His reply was:
    “How I could let the dogs loose like that? It was impossible to get the horses through the doors.”


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